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The Human Story

The Human Story


The Human Story by Roger B. Lane, Ph.D. is one of the world's most important books. Written by Dr. Lane, Spiritual Teacher to many worldwide, It educates readers in what it Really Means to be "human". As Dr. Lane writes, "We are called human beings. We are called to be HU-man." Discover the Spiritual Evolution of Humankind and the Tremendous Growth in Consciousness throughout our existence - the real human story - that has taken place and the Momentous Spiritual Action that is "now enveloping Humankind" and enabling HU-mans to Complete the HUMAN EXPERIMENT in Its entirety.


Beginning with Its "First Course", this Book makes known this Momentous Occasion and Evolution in the Growth of Human Consciousness Whose importance for humankind and teleologically can't be underestimated.


As Master-full as The Human Story is, It's remarkably easy- and fun-to-read and works no matter your level of awareness or religious belief or nonbelief reading It. That's part of the Joy and Wonder of the "Story" Itself and the brilliant, comprehensive yet succinct way It is told.


This Magnificently enlightening Book includes Tools to "sweeten the breadth and depth of Your Understanding" and is easily comprehensible to all.


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