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Featured Tools Of Upliftment

Meditations You Can Do At Home

The Meditation For Health And Well-Being is a Beautiful Guided Meditation created by Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., Cosmos Tree Founder/Director. It helps you let go of stress; get quiet; and receive the Healing Light Of The Most High. Very popular with those with any kind of “health issue” but really for all of us! Makes a great Gift any time. Many give it to colleagues and clients at holiday time.

The Meditation Of Gratitude is one of the Cosmos Tree bestsellers; it is also offered in-person at the Main Center in New York City and via teleconference on Thanksgiving Day. Listen and give yourself the Inner Experience of Gratitude – knowing that you are Supplied and Loved and Cared for. And that Gratitude is a Living Reality. This is a must purchase for all of us! And a popular gift, especially at holiday and birthday time.

Our Latest Monthly Talk

Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Roger B. Lane, Ph.D. gives a Talk the first Wednesday of every month! Listening to an MP3 is a precious opportunity to strengthen yourself Spiritually. Give this to yourself every month!

If You Are Just Starting Out With Cosmos Tree ...

A Wonder-full way to begin is by listening to MP3s suggested below! They are among our bestsellers – and for good reason!

Order Acceptance: The Key To Your Heart

Order You Are Worthy

The Money Workbook

The Money Workbook is a must-order to help you give yourself the life you want! No matter what that is. And to Learn that the Power to co-create that life is in you! (not the bank or the job or anyone  in your life!) Step up to the plate and purchase this and work It now! The more you “work It” the more It works – and the easier your life is. Go for it now!

The Human Story

The Human Story by Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., Teaches What it Truly Means to Be HU-Man. Discover the Opportunity now programmed into Humankind.

DVDs of the Video Series Understanding The Spirit You Are

A two-part Series of Spiritual Learning given by Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., Cosmos Tree Founder/Director. Part I consists of 10 DVDs and Part II of 12 DVDs.  They can be ordered individually or as a Series.

Two suggestions, which are also among our bestsellers!

The Foundation For Understanding That You Are The Spirit – an excellent primer for those starting out with Cosmos Tree as well as those who have been using our Tools/Resources for a while. This DVD helps you learn to focus into Spirit; to Know that we are Spirit and that we live as One Spirit; and how to live your life from this Spiritual Perspective. Worth listening to over and over again.

Forgiveness – Just what the title says – everything you need to know to practice Forgiveness in your life! Learn that Forgiveness is “For-Giving” to yourself and has nothing to do with the other person or situation. A must-purchase for all to live more Peacefully and Joyously with themselves and others.