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A020 mp3: "Choosing Wisely Your Creations"

A020 mp3: "Choosing Wisely Your Creations"


Dr. Roger B. Lane begins the Satsang by sharing that we're in the body because of our creations. When we choose to create negativity and to feed it “you’re creating your karmic fields, your embodiments and you’re at the effect of it.” Learn to use what comes up as an Opportunity to Lift and to Grow by Focusing into the Spirit you are!

When we repress feelings, we're stuck with them. Those are creations. Those are attachments. The Teachings Teach us to lift beyond them and to Focus on Loving the Lord, God.  The Gift of Choosing Your Creations Wisely is that you have true Inner Peace.  An important Process is included.

We're always at Choice to Focus into the Spirit we are, to create positively. And to reinforce That over and over again. Take the Learning for yourSelf!


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