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About us

Cosmos Tree is a nonprofit Educational Foundation that has assisted and continues to assist thousands of people in giving themselves the lives lives they want; in living far more Joyously and Peacefully; in being more Present; and in being with the Divine in themselves.

Cosmos Tree was Founded by Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., a Spiritual Teacher, author and counselor, with a doctorate in the combined field of Psychology and Theology called Human Services, Who has developed life-altering Programs that help individuals the world over to live their lives from a Spiritual Perspective. These life-altering Programs include Classes and Workshops; monthly Talks; National and International Speaking Tours; Monthly Podcasts; SpiritCentral, abi-monthly Newsletter;  publications that help you learn that the Power in you (!) and to live from that Spot includingTools For Living Free and The Money Workbook; as well as a two-part Video/TV Series Understanding The Spirit You Are.

All Programs help you to focus into the Spirit you are (and to begin to know the Reality of That); to be more Present with that Reality; to learn to use easy “Tools” as noted above that help you to both focus into Spirit and along the way to surrender anything that stands in the way. And per this Powerful Education developed by Dr. Lane, you will use your everyday life from which you Lift and Grow and Strengthen yourself Spiritually/as the Spirit you are.

To pursue a more particular Spiritual Education please visit our sister site spiritcentral.org