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A007 mp3: "Holy Days: The Meaning Of Holidays"

A007 mp3: "Holy Days: The Meaning Of Holidays"


You’ll get a master class in the evolution of consciousness including the real meaning of the eternal flame; of the birth of the Christ; of the story of Jonah and the Whale; of how the Christ, Jesus replaced ritual with the Oneness of Spirit; that the so-called “enemy” in religion is negativity; and that it is our Responsibility moment-to-moment to use our everydayness (the “manger” being a symbol of this) to move into greater and greater Love and Devotion.

In the Satsang "Holy Days: The Meaning Of The Holidays" Dr. Roger B. Lane reveals the Truth of Hanukkah and Christmas.

You’ll learn in detail that the Christ, Jesus was monumental in ushering in a new way of approaching God, from one of fear to one of Love and Devotion.  The Talk gives highly relatable examples of just how to live your life from this Place.

You will also discover the importance of honoring each day and each other and, most of all, yourSelf as Holy and Divine as every day is a Holy-day.  


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