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A113 mp3: "Are You Reving?: A Participatory Satsang"

A113 mp3: "Are You Reving?: A Participatory Satsang"


A Satsang (Spiritual Instruction) Followed By A Question-And-Answer Session

In this Satsang given by Dr. Roger B. Lane you Learn about the importance each moment of “Revving up” and Being Reverential as the Spirit you are.

Discover that, according to the “Godpoint” of the Sound Current, True Power lies in Choice, Responsibility and Surrendering to the Spirit you are.

Experience a Process with multiple Opportunities to let go of a situation that you’ve allowed to “get your goat” and to exercise your Power of Choice to move into Trust instead!  

Includes a very Generous and life-altering 36-minute question-and-answer session at no extra charge!

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