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A013 mp3: "What Do You Want Out Of Life?"

A013 mp3: "What Do You Want Out Of Life?"


In this Satsang Dr. Roger B. Lane first asks "What would you like from your life"? then invites you to see how your answer stacks up with the Purpose of life: to Know yourSelf as the Lord, God/the Spirit that you are and, in the process, go Home to God.  

In order to be born again - to Know yourSelf as the Spirit you are – “we die to this world”. You do It when you do the Spiritual Practice imparted at the Time of Initiation Into The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence. Dr. Lane highlights the importance of exercising your Freedom by practicing the Meditation Technique Taught at the time of Initiation; the Gift of Being with the Lord, God while we’re in the body.  The True Test is: how much do you Love the Lord, God?

It's up to you to place your Consciousness at God. This is Where all things are possible and you "get" the most out of life. A Process is included.


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