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A188 mp3: "The 'Wild Turkey' Phenomenon: A Participatory Satsang"

A188 mp3: "The 'Wild Turkey' Phenomenon: A Participatory Satsang"


A Satsang (Spiritual Instruction) Followed By A Question-And-Answer Session.

This Satsang given by Dr. Roger B. Lane describes how easy it is to allow ourSelves to be pulled out into the world instead of being Focused inside on the Spirit we are.

Understand that thoughts and feelings are along the negative polarity and are based on fear, lack, limitation, not being worthy, etc., and are the result of our having forgotten that we are Spirit and, thus, focusing outward that results in pain, hurt and sorrow!

Learn that God has given us Free Will. We can Surrender the negativity and through the Initiatory Process Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence, go “in” and “up” and be with God while we are in the body. Understand that we are Powerful Creators and we are Responsible for our creations!

Includes a Process from Dr. Lane where you let go of “wild turkeys” and Allow the Light Of The Most High to take their place; and a question-and-answer session in which Dr. Lane emphasizes that the only remedy is Being Present.


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