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A205 mp3: "What Are You Really Doing?: A Participatory Satsang"

A205 mp3: "What Are You Really Doing?: A Participatory Satsang"


A Satsang (Spiritual Instruction) Followed By A Question-And-Answer Session

In this Satsang given by Dr. Roger Bruce Lane Dr. Lane observes that we have lost the Wonder of What is really happening here. The Whole Purpose of Human life is set out before us; that is, to Know ourSelves as Soul/ Spirit

Understand that we use fear of God to seek out a way to not be responsible, to not be held accountable, to live the illusion that we are separate from God!

Dr. Lane reminds us, however, that we have This Blessed Opportunity to go from the karmic fields to Following Of The Sound Current on the Path Of Soul Transcendence and being with God while in the body. God lives in us as us! Our Consciousness Knows the Truth!

Includes a Process led by Dr. Lane Where you are given the Opportunity to discover “what you are really doing” and a question-and-answer session where you receive even more Growth and Upliftment.


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