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A215 mp3: “Are You self-Serving Or Serving The Self?: A Participatory Satsang”

A215 mp3: “Are You self-Serving Or Serving The Self?: A Participatory Satsang”


A Satsang (Spiritual Instruction) Followed By A Question-And-Answer Session

In this Satsang given by Dr. Roger Bruce Lane Dr. Lane asks: Do you want to rise up into the Spirit you Are or do you want to walk around like a beggar? You can be self-serving or you can Serve the Living God. You cannot go before God and still have your agenda.

Learn that It’s your Inner Environment that is Key; and That It boils down to being Responsibility for Where you place your Consciousness; Loving yourSelf enough and Knowing you are Worthy to give yourSelf the Lord, God. It is a moment-to-moment decision!

Learn that through Initiation Into The Sound Current we are Alive by being reborn into the Spirit and that everything else is death! As an Initiate the Whole Focus is Knowing yourSelf as Soul, as Spirit and then, as a byproduct, you Unite with the Lord, God.

As Dr. Lane Teaches, when you’re Serving The Self - Divine Self - all there is is True Wealth – Abundance - and fun and Sharing and Caring!

Includes a Process led by Dr. Lane Where you have the Opportunity to discover the difference between being self-serving with a small “s” and Serving The Divine Self; a Homework Assignment to help you see what you are really doing; and a question-and-answer session where Dr. Lane reinforces that we are to use the negative pole as a Strengthener to Lift and Grow.

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