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A029 mp3: "Receiving The Lord, God: When And How?"

A029 mp3: "Receiving The Lord, God: When And How?"


In this Satsang Dr. Roger B. Lane shares the Real Truth: The Lord, God is unlimited and, as the Spirit we are, so are we. As Dr. Lane explains, we’re these Magnificent Powerhouses of Spirit!  

Learn how we have to place our Consciousness where we can Receive Grace. When we're in negativity we're not Present and we can't Receive anything!  

Discover how God is patient and gives us all the time we need to Remember Who we are! By taking Initiation Into The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence the Soul in us is Awakened. We can then choose to Receive directly the Vibration of the Lord, God that we are and to live from That ‘Place.’


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